Ifu Ennada Shares her Story from #BBNaija to Becoming a Beauty Mogul as she Covers Vanguard Allure this Week

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Ifu Ennada shares her story from #BBNaija to becoming a Beauty Mogul as she covers Vanguard Allure this week.

Ifu Ennada, CEO and founder of beautIFU Ennada, shares her story so far and her domination plan from #BBNaija to becoming a Beauty Mogul, as she covers this Sunday’s edition of Vanguard Allure.

The actor and an award winning entrepreneur revealed her latest business venture!

She’s set to break grounds into the hair and beauty world with lots of creativity and innovation for her fans are ever ready to motivate her.

She’s also not leaving anyone behind. She prides herself in running a people focused company and discusses her reward program for everyone who joins the beautIFU Ennada train!

Find out more on this week’s edition of Vanguard Allure.

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