A Mega Prophet in Akwa Ibom State Exposed a Top Secret

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A Mega Prophet in Akwa Ibom State exposed a top secret.

The mega Prophet who is known as Apostle (Dr) Mfon Paul and the Presiding Pastor of Royal City Central Chapel (RCCC) on Easter Sunday, he exposed an unknown secret to his congregation.

During the resurrection service at RCCC, the Man of God broke into a realm where he did a well detailed demonstration of Matthew 26 verse 23 and Psalms 23.

Using the Scripture, “And he answered and said, He that dippeth his hand with me in the dish, the same shall betray me”. The Man of God highlighted that, “It is always the person that eats from the same dish with you that can betray you, every body cannot eat the same kind of food, in Nigeria there are so many dishes and in Africa there are so many types of food, if you travel to Ghana you might not adapt easily because of the type of food they are eating, people don’t eat the same meal, here Jesus is saying “the one that dippeth his hand with me in the dish, the same shall betray me”. It is always a man that likes what you like, a man that stands where you stand and a man that does what you do that can betray you”.

He elaborated the scripture as he gave a deep insight to it he stated that, “The story of Jesus is not about redemption, its not about the cross if it was so, He would have come from Heaven and proceeded to the Cross at once, Jesus would have died without a betrayer but He tried to tell us that it’s not possible for a man to die commonly but someone closer to him would be the cause of the death. Most of your problems in life is caused by someone from the same family, the same village, the same local government, or the same office with you, for a man foes are members of his household. Betrayal comes from people that have the same interest with you.”

Apostle Mfon finalise the secret using the scripture, Psalms 23, as he went further to state that “My place kitchen’s came into the service. Your time to be served by your creator has come. If God is the cook then be sure of getting the best. You must enjoy this encounter right in the presence of your enemies.”

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