47 Top Secrets You Didn’t Know About Rev. Ntia I. Ntia

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The Senior Pastor/Founder of Full Life Christian Centre, Rev. Ntia I. Ntia is set to mark his 47th birthday, today.

Image of Rev. Ntia Ntia Photographed by Slim Casualz.

The birthday would be incomplete without the revelation of the 47 top secrets.
Below are the 47 secrets:

  1. He was born into the family of Dr. and Mrs Ime Okon Ntia of Ididep-Usuk in Ibiono Ibom, Akwa Ibom State.
  2. On Tuesday, 21st of March 1972, Rev. Ntia was given birth to.
  3. Ntia was born in Ikot Ekpene, Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State.
  4. Ntia is one out of four children of his parents.
  5. He finished his nursery and primary education at Holy Child International School in Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State.
  6. He later proceeded for his secondary education at Federal Government College in Minna.
  7. He discover in the Northern part of Nigeria, where his spirit fired up a burning passion for Christianity due to the pressure from the Islamic.
  8. He started preaching as a teenager.
  9. His mother was the first female President of the Scripture Union (SU), Ikot Ekpene Group.
  10. Both Ntia and his wife are orphan.
  11. Ntia is a graduate of accounting from the prestigious, University of Calabar.
  12. He been in the line of preaching for about 30 years, now.
  13. He’s a husband to Mrs Ukamaka Laurie Ntia, an indigene of Anambra State.
  14. Both Ntia and his wife enrolled in the same university.
  15. Amazingly, Rev. Ntia and his wife has an age difference of one year.
  16. Rev. Ntia & wife got married on the 4th of November, 1997 and will 22years of marriage.
  17. He’s a father to three; Favour, Dunamis and Dominion Ntia.
  18. Ntia became a full-time Pastor at Helen Ukpabio’s Liberty Gospel Church in Calabar
  19. Fortunately, he left Liberty Gospel Church to establish the popular Full Life Christian Centre.
  20. He dumped accounting for preaching.
  21. He best plays table tennis.
  22. He is an extraordinary drummer and singer.
  23. To the glory of God, his church has experienced a unique and tremendous growth.
  24. His calling into the ministry by God is for the revival and restoration of the total man.
  25. He spreads practical message of Love, Hope, and Faith to Christians.
  26. He bisects the scripture into measurable unit for easy understanding.
  27. Lives are being daily stirred, revived, delivered and transformed by the preaching of the word from his mouth.
  28. His preachings are fulfilled with knowledgeable facts and practical examples, served deliciously for consumption.
  29. He’s the president and founder of Full Life Christian Centre, a soon to be 19 years old church.
  30. In 2019, Full Life Christian Centre has 27 branches, 3 outside Nigeria, 10 in other states and 14 in Always Ibom.
  31. His church one of the top churches in Akwa Ibom that actively use technology as a tool to reach out to others across Nigeria.
  32. With strategy for great success, Ntia has been able to pull multitudes to church.
  33. Full Life is said to be one of the most attended church in Akwa Ibom with lots of active activities to keep one closer to God.
  34. Full Life discover talent, mentor talent and grow talent.
  35. He’s the host of Fresh Outpouring Tv.
  36. An author of the monthly Freshword Devotional and several books such as Thomas Was Not There, Take Back Your Throne, I Am Unstoppable, I Choose to Survive, From Scarcity to Surplus, Reality of the Holy Spirit, The Dead Man’s Prayer, The Free Gift of Salvation, I am a Star, The Anointing of the Holy Spirit, Soar as the Eagle and many more.
  37. He demonstrate the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit.
  38. He’s committed to stirring men into the fullness of God.
  39. He’s multi-racial worshipper, praised and preacher.
  40. He has travelled beyond the four walls of Africa to spread the gospel of Christ.
  41. He gladly offers himself for mentorship and training.
  42. His direct father in the Lord is Dr. Paul Eneche, Senior Pastor & Founder of Dunamis International Gospel Centre.
  43. God is his utmost priority.
  44. He cherish his family and Full Lifers.
  45. He’s the servant of the Almighty God.
  46. He’s a role model, teacher and mentor to many.
  47. He has influenced a minimum of a million persons per state in Nigeria with his simplicity, humility, maturity and efficiency.

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